Solar Air Conditioner Supplier in Pakistan Hybrid AC/DC for Sale

We deal all kind of energy products in Pakistan and our best choice is Solar Air Conditioners i.e manufactured through advance technology, from Thermal to 100% Off Grid Units and reduce your electricity costs, because solar air conditioners use electricity through solar panel. Furthermore, we improved the performance of the product according to all types of environments and specially designed high quality revolutionary fan i.e. increase the pressure of air silently for work with clean, green cooling and heating. The features and specifications are mentioned below:

  • 1. 48v Solar/ Battery Power
  • 2. 9000 tp 15000 BTU Heat pump
  • 3. AC Cool or Heat up to 250 ft^2
  • 4. Variable Capacity
  • 5. Anti-Corrosion Technoloty
  • 6. Eco-Friendly R410a Refrigerant
  • 7. Washable
  • 8. Filters Digital Wireless Renote

NOTE: This is a Free Match System.

Example 1: 360000BTU Outdoor Unit, you can connect 3 X12000BTU Indoor Head Units or 4 X 9000BTU Indoor Head Units.


Example 2: 480000BTU Outdoor Unit, you can connect 2 X12000BTU + 1 24000BTU Indoor Head Units or 4 X 12000BTU Indoor Head Units