Product Dealer: Atlas Energy Solution (Pvt) Ltd.
Model: AE M5-96 Series
Product Code: SLR-03
Capacity: 250W, 255W, 260W, 265W, 270W, 275W
Functions: Potential Induced Degradation Free
General Feature: Higher Mechanical Load 5.4K Pa

Power range: Plus-Sorting 0 to + 4,99Wp

Pid resistant: Potential Induced Degradation Free

Salt corrosion resistant: Certified for Salt Rich Environment

Sant Resistant: Certified for Sand Comfortable with all types of Environment

Ammonia Resistant: Certified for Ammonia Rich Atmosphere

Highly stable & tough: Higher Mechanical Load 5.4K Pa, we provide the solution

Plus sorting: Product warranty 12 years and for performance 30 years.

Certificates: Lining with International Standards and tested & certified.

German quality: Photovoltaic modules are manufactured by German Technology & Standards.