Relay AVR Manufacture & Supplier in Pakistan, Lowest Prices


We are manufacturer and Supplier of Relay Type AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) i.e. called in most common words Stabilizer. We manufacture AVR with 100% pure copper winding and use other material in high quality for reliable performance of out product. The features of AVR are mentioned below:

1.   Fully Automatic
2.   LED operation indication
3.   Input and output voltage meters*
4.   LCD display
5.   Power on Buzzer*
6.   Built in delay timer
7.   Cut out alarm indication*
8.   Copper Transformer
9.   Pure electric core
10. Microprocessor controlled circuit
11.  Imported high quality relays
12.  Buck and boost steps
13.  Over load safety breaker*
14.  Low and high voltage cut out safty
15.  Automatic reset after cut out
16.  -10c to70c temperature tolerance
17.  Available in four differenct ranges* 100V AC,130V AC,160V AC