Product Manufacturer: Atlas Energy Solution (Pvt) Ltd.
Model: Atlas Desire Series
Product Code: UPS-D3
Capacity: 1000 Watts
Load Capacity: 4 Fans, 4 Savers and LED TV
Feature: Sine Wave, Pure Copper Transformer
Functions: Charge on High & Low Voltage (140v-280v)

Sine wave UPS system
Voltage display system with LED & DVD
100% pure copper transformer
Charge UPS on high and low voltage
Shifting time less than 10 m/s
Efficient for control short circuit and over load
New sensor AMP for voltage
Automatic control charging
IC controlled H-Bridge modulation
Auto fix output voltage without any problem
Pure quality electric core
Imported casing with 2 cooling fans
Microprocessor designed for maintain and control floating load
Reverse polarity protection