Product Dealer: Atlas Energy Solution (Pvt) Ltd.
Model: AE M6-72 Series
Product Code: SLR-05
Capacity: 310W, 315W, 320W, 325W, 330W, 335W
Material: Photovoltaic modules Technology of German
Standards: International Standards & Tested & Certified

Power Range: Plus-Sorting 0 to + 4,99Wp

Pid Resistant: Potential Induced Degradation Free

Salt corrosion resistant: Certified for Salt Rich Environment

Sant Resistant: Certified for Sand Comfortable with all types of Environment

Ammonia Resistant: Certified for Ammonia Rich Atmosphere

IP67 Junction Box: Water and Dust Free System.

Highly Stable & tough: Mechanical Load 5.4K Pa with Active Control.

Plus Sorting: Better Yield System, Plus-sorting 0 to +4.99 Wp.

Certificates: Lining with International Standards and tested & certified.

German Quality: Manufacturing by Photovoltaic modules through Modern Technology of German.

Performance Guarantee: Product warranty 12 years and for performance 30 years.