Product Manufacturer: Narada Batteries
Model: AG12V125F and AG12V155F
Product Code: BTR-36 and BTR-37
Capacity: 125 Ah and 155 Ah (Ampere Hour)
Advance Features: Pressure Valve with Flame Arrester
Functions: Terminal Suited for 19” & 21” Cabinet
General Feature: Flame Retardant ABS Case

Centralized H2 gas vent kit
Self- discharging Less than others
Comply with IEC, IEEE, UL, EN, CE standards, etc.
Design life at 20°C (68°F) for 12+ years
Polymer-Gel Valve-Regulated Lead Acid
Terminal designed suited for 19” and 21” cabinet
Comfortable handles
Terminal sealing and front access
Relief valve for self regulating pressure alongwith flame arrester
terminal cover with Easy access
Flame retardant ABS case (UL94 V-0, optional)